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30 Cat Accessories Perfect For Your Kitties: Litter Box, Grooming Brush And More

There are many health benefits connected to having a pet, but one of the most common reasons that people welcome a furry pals into their life is because they make great companions. Cats, while not always as affectionate as other animals, are great pets because they are usually independent and quite low maintenance. Not to mention, they are especially adorable when they want to cuddle and or play with their owners.

However, having a cat at home also entails some responsibilities. Besides the bas

25 Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas Perfect For Date Night, Surprise Parties And More

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, everyone is trying to find new and exciting ways to honor their loved ones. Gifts of flowers and chocolates have become a staple during this holiday, but some still prefer to go the extra mile to show their affection.

A good idea to celebrate this holiday is by surprising your loved ones with a party. After all, how often do we get the chance to show them the lengths of our feelings for them? Whatever theme you have decided on, we listed down some decor

What You Need to Know for a Safe Beach Trip for Chinese New Year and Beyond

After spending the majority of last year in isolation, people welcomed the new year with high hopes of being able to travel once more. This is especially true for us in the Philippines, where picturesque views of beaches are merely a car or short plane ride away — the wanderlust is almost impossible to resist.

Thankfully, Boracay, one of our favorite beach destinations, has re-opened its doors to tourists, and just in time for Chinese New Year, too! If you’re still deciding on whether you shoul

25 Best Smartwatches And GPS Fitness Tracker Under $150

The demand for wearable technology has had considerable growth in recent years. An understandable phenomenon, especially with people becoming more and more dependent on their smart devices for the simplest of tasks. The upside is, this allows for more innovations to aid and promote the health and fitness industry. An example of which are smart watches, which is a trend well-embraced by fitness junkies everywhere.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance fitness companion or just wanting to upgra

20 Beauty Products You Should Add To Your Makeup Kit: Lipsticks, Foundations And More!

Beauty and makeup trends these days evolve so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. One moment everyone is playing around with bold colors on their eyes, then flaunting nude tones and 'no makeup' makeup looks the next. This is why it is important to have a well-stocked arsenal of beauty essentials that can be versatile enough for you to pull together looks with ease.

Whether it's for everyday wear or for an upscale glamorous event, these beauty products will keep you equipped and ready f

Where to Get Ready-to-Cook Dim Sum You Can Have at Home

While big social gatherings are being kept to a minimum during the pandemic, one thing you can’t miss out on is indulging in mouthwatering Chinese food. Why not bring home some classic dim sum dishes you can easily enjoy in the comfort of your own homes? And the best part is, there’s no one there to judge you in case you overindulge.

Here are a couple of stores where you can get your fill of ready-to-cook dim sum:

Based in New Manila, The House of Dim Sum offers a wide variety of freshly made

The Julia Barretto Quarantine Style Guide | VIVA Entertainment

We all know Julia Barretto serves looks when it comes to red carpet events and magazine photoshoots, but if you follow her on Instagram, you would find yourself at awe with how much this natural beauty shines even during quarantine.

Here are a few fashion tips you can take from Julia’s Instagram looks:
• While the ball gowns may be a bit too much for a quarantine look, there is no rule that says you can’t take your dresses out for a spin. Just like how Julia channels her feminine side with this
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Travelite's Picks (Spas and Retreats) | Travelite Magazine

TRAVELITE'S PICKS - Spas and Retreats | Experience the soothing and healing qualities of nature at Sense, A Rosewood Spa in Riviera Maya. Its location, completely secluded from the rest of the resort, allows you to lose yourself in the enchantments of the island as you indulge in spa treatments that fuse nature’s elements with the expert touch of the spa artisans. Sense’s most luxurious offering, the ‘Escape Together: Sun and Moon Journey’ is the treatment to try this season.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels

Social Circuit | Travelite Magazine

Social Circuit | Travelite Magazine
A list of the must-attend events of the season

Ai Weiwei: According to What?
New York
4 July-10 August
Ai Weiwei’s works never fail to impress. Known for being one of China’s most provocative contemporary artists, his works highlight globally recognised issues such as human rights and freedom of expression through various forms – sculpture, pottery and photography, among many others. Be captivated by the intricate details of his artistry at the Brooklyn Museum as they showcase his latest intriguing exhibition.

Travelite's Picks (Hotels and Resorts) | Travelite Magazine


naked Stables Private Reserve

It has been a favourite hotspot for decades. Whenever 20s Shanghai became sweltering and unbearable, its chic elite repaired to the mountains of Moganshan to cool off. Though it has been decades since its heyday – much in fact has happened since the elites came, fortunately this patch of heaven recently had a revival with the naked Retreats, more
specifically with its naked Stables Private Reserve. Asia’s first LEED platinum-certified resort, the property, in its own subtle way, allows visitors to view and experience Moganshan in a fresh light.